Top Ways to Feel Great About Yourself

Below are a few tips for you and how to let the negative body image you have of yourself simply fade away and let you embrace your body and completely love yourself and your body:

  1. Whether you are thin or plus size, your body is one of the most beautiful things about you and you need to realize that and quit saying different. Of course, there is always room for improvement so if you aren’t happy with yourself and your body then work on yourself. Until you do just notice the beauty within yourself inside and out.


  1. You need to treat your body as something sacred after all it does take great care of you.
  1. If you need encouragement to love your body more make a long list of all the things your body actually helps you with and does for you. Add to your list as much as you can. For instance: I am infatuated with my legs because they are able to get me where I need to go and show me so many gorgeous places.
  1. Bring yourself to realize you can be peaceful and feel free within your body. This is the vessel in your life that anchors your soul and carries you, that in itself is completely amazing and beauty at its finest.
  1. When you find yourself over analyzing your body and the skin you are in all you should do is say to yourself, “Why do I continue to hold myself back from the things I want in my life?
  1. Daydream of you actually feeling carefree and confident in the skin you’re in and your body and have a connection with this on a whole new level because this will help you mainly make better choices for your body and everything else connected to your body.


  1. Find something you love about your body and just stay focused on that. (if you search within your interior and exterior with nothing but love for yourself you will find the thing you are seeking.) If you don’t feel as if you can love something at the moment find something you like about your body and yourself.
  1. Really look back and even into the future and realize all the things you want to amount to and accomplish in your life and even your work life. If you derail and get away from the negative thoughts you are having about your body image you will be able to move forward to so many beautiful thoughts toward achieving your dreams and goals in life. This shift you reach will, in the end, make you realize you are much more motivated to make yourself feel better and work on yourself and you will feel so much more motivated.
  1. Write down things on a piece of paper that you actually put off because of the body image problems you face with yourself and tackle one action off the list one at a time. This will feel exhilarating.
  1. Have some kind of contract you have written up about your body image that is going to show how you will honor your body and thank your body for everything it does for you.
  1. You need to make sure your body is receiving the sleep and rest that a queen would receive. Make sure you are resting and replenishing your body along with keeping yourself hydrated, stretching often, getting massages, and moisturizing your body. Do not push so hard that you forget to rest.
  1. Exercise any chance you get because it honestly helps you feel better and focused, connects you in with your own strength and power and helps your body become healthier, stronger, and shapes your body.


  1. Look back into your past when you last felt comfortable with your body and try linking yourself with this feeling again because you will feel so inspired to want to get back to this place.
  1. Have a list that has at the very minimum 10 positive statements that you love about yourself and continue adding something every day you can.
  1. When you are hard on yourself and your body there’s normally something more that you are fearful of, find what that is!
  1. Realize that your body isn’t where it was 5 years ago, it is where it is today. Find yourself where you are today instead of in the past and you will feel so free of struggling, and you will be so empowered and want to make a change for your body and have that desire to again.


Even if you do one of these actions you will see your energy increase greatly and you will overall feel a lot more comfortable in your skin and your body. You have to be connected with yourself and your body and find somewhere in life that will add even more abundance inside of your life.