Here’s Why We Should Wear Makeup


There are generally two opinions about women who opt to use makeup every day. Some believe that they look attractive and professional, making the most of themselves to face the day, and others are of the opinion that they are trying too hard and are putting far too much effort into trying to look good while instead they should be opting for a natural look.

I personally think that I should defend all the girls who prefer to wear makeup every day. Of course, that isn’t to say that those who go for a natural look are wrong, but I, myself, am a makeup fan – I put a lot of effort into making sure I look good most days, and so I want to defend my comrades!

  1. We’re Doing It For Ourselves


Okay, I admit, some girls just wear make up in an attempt to impress guys, or even sometimes other girls, but I can say in all honesty that on most days, I’m only putting on make up for my own benefit. When I’m wearing makeup I feel at my best, and while I can’t say that I feel ugly when I’m not wearing it, I find that makeup makes me feel a lot more confident, and we all need that feeling sometimes.

  1. It Looks Pretty

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Make up is a skill. When I do make up for other people, I’m being more artistic and creative than I’ve ever been. As I’ve got older, I’ve definitely become less creative, and yet when I do make up, whether on someone else or on myself, I feel like I have no limits to constrain me. I can experiment and adopt different techniques and I know that none of my efforts will go to waste as if I go wrong, I can just wash it off and start again.

  1. It Corrects Our Flaws


I admit it, I suffer from awful dark circles under my eyes, and I’ve been self-conscious about them since I was a teenager. Then I found concealer, and suddenly, I was witnessing a miracle! Instead of droopy eyes, they were alert and bright! We can always turn to make up in an emergency situation, to resolve blackheads, zits and blotchiness – a dab of foundation and they disappear!

  1. Expressing Yourself


Whenever I see a girl wearing a dramatic eye shadow with strongly blushed cheekbones and glossy, nude lips I can immediately get a sense of how she is expressing her personality. Whether going for a natural appearance or a sexy and dramatic style, make up shows the facets of your personality. I, for example, love dramatic looks which match my crazy and outspoken personality while my sister is quiet and reserved and this carries through to her make up style. Usually, a woman’s make up says more about her than she could ever say in words.

Whether you opt to wear makeup or prefer not to, you are beautiful, and you should never feel pressure to use make up just because others do. You should never feel that you should start wearing makeup because you’ve reached an age when you should begin using it. You should only ever wear make up because you want to. Use it to express yourself and your creativity. And who hasn’t felt temptation every time they’ve gone into Sephora? When it comes down to it, you should just enjoy experimenting with make up, and only wear makeup that makes you feel comfortable and happy.